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suriaputih~~~ live should be happy... ne
08 November 2009 @ 08:45 am
Hi Good Morning!

 I'm so early today to update my journal. Today I want to start my new diet ( I just found it at the internet [Morning Banana diet]. Wah ! I so excited to follow the diet. It's simple to do ( for me), you just eat raw banana for breakfast. You can eat how many you want but not full and drink a glass of lukewarm water. The reason for the water to be lukewarm is not known and has come under much speculation on the Internet. Most diets suggest that you can burn more calories by drinking cold water

I should start now! Ganbatte for myself.

But for this morning, my breakfast is pear fruit (cos don't have my banana), 1 plate (small plate) of fried rice with a lot of cabbage (my mom made it) and my favourite drink COFFEE. Tomorrow I must follow the diet plan (honnto ni!!)

Now I ready to shop banana fruit.

Let's go.

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Current Music: Kinki No Yaruki Manman Song
suriaputih~~~ live should be happy... ne
01 November 2009 @ 10:43 pm
Hi, Dear my journal...
I'm just finish downloaded Kinki You concert DVD cd 1 and 2. it's takes about 3 week to finish it. yokatta, finally I'm made it. But it's still have 2 cd to download. don't know when. Maybe after I finish my special work done first. Ok before that I want to watch what a baka Ko-chan do in the concert. hehehe.... KinKi no Yaru Ki Manman Song.... (remember how they are sing at We are ¥Õn 39!! concert).
Credit to.
virgopalz for the link.

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